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tv   Museum of the American Revolution Archaeology  CSPAN  February 5, 2017 1:53pm-1:57pm EST

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plenty of reasons to feel as negatively as possible. i don't think he had an important role. voted all over the newspapers, taken from interviews and the northern press. was attempting to present himself as a klan leader. he believed in everything they stood for. there was no central leader, there was nothing for him to lead. i have no doubt he would have done it. it was a really decentralized organization. [applause]
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>> interested in american history tv at co visit our website. you can see our upcoming schedule or watch recent programs, american artifacts, road to the white house rewind, at likes the museum of the american is scheduled to open on april 19 before constructing the museum. they eventually uncovered 82,000 artifacts. artifacts, learn about the history of this walk from philadelphia up to the 1940's. in 1683.was a map done this is the earliest engraved towny town -- map of a
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laid out by william penn. this little square here marked the project vicinity is actually the footprint of the building. as you can see these were all the 16ginal lots sold in 80's. this site has been intensely occupied for tens of thousands of years. >> if you have the whole under the how to house -- under the outhouse or a system collecting water that is no longer being used, any of those empty holes throw your trash in, catherine is down on her knees, she is at the bottom of the privy and starts finding the shirts that have words on them. shirts ande found
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booked. course when he pasted together we see the success. he has to go to the newspapers. you see how urban archaeology was interweaving on written records, primary records, the artists, that is what is fun of it. incredible object that has a connection to a bigger political story of the revolution. >> watch the entire program at 6 p.m. eastern sunday on american artifacts. american history tv. on c-span3.


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